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Gather & Gather identity

Identity, Entertainment

Gather & Gather looks simple, homey and handmade, but it’s actually the fastest-growing catering business in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This feat of cognitive dissonance was accomplished by Pearlfisher London, which created Gather & Gather’s new brand identity, including strategy, naming, tone of voice and all printed food-service collateral. Pearlfisher is a studio with a passion for edibles, and it transformed the ambitious and forward-thinking company into a rustic and viscerally delectable food brand. The logo works both verbally and visually to tell the story of bringing food, people and ideas together. The ampersand, representing collaboration, was designed as a bespoke asset. Pearlfisher sought to avoid the monotony of food photography with an eclectic mix of curated images and illustration, as well as natural colors, textures and shapes. No matter how quickly it grows, Gather & Gather’s goal is to create an experience that is fresh, frank, unexpected and, above all, human.

Sylvie Saunders, writer; Sophie Maliphant, designer; Sarah Cattle, creative director; Jonathan Ford, chief creative officer; Joanna Pierce, senior brand strategist; Georgia Levison, strategy; Pearlfisher (London, United Kingdom), design firm; MITIE, client.