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Gelado Brigaderia identity

Identity, Entertainment

“Gelados” is an ice cream line at Brigaderia, a Brazilian sweet shop that specializes in brigadeiro candies, a popular type of chocolate truffle. For Gelado Brigaderia’s visual identity, designers at Brazilian studio Casa Rex were inspired by a lyric from a humorous samba song: “Each one eats what pleases him.” The flavors of ice cream in the line are named after a variety of characters described in the song. Each flavor, and its respective character, is represented by an illustrated shoe—one for each taste and style, all unique and sometimes even androgynous. The eye-catching and amusing identity combines the playful spirit of the samba with Brigaderia’s own quirky, whimsical style.

Samia Jacintho/Gustavo Piqueira, senior designers; Gustavo Piqueira, creative director; Ana Lobo, graphic designer; Casa Rex (Sao Paulo, Brazil), design firm; Gelado Brigaderia, client.