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Glitch spot for Nissan Micra

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

The Nissan Micra has been marketed as a car for independent women since its launch 30 years ago. In September, TBWA helped introduce the latest Micra to a new generation of savvy female drivers with the Go Get It campaign. “Glitch” is one of three videos that feature, in the words of creative director Rudi Anggono, “Micra women wriggling out of tricky situations with humor and confidence.” What that means, particularly in “Glitch,” is having the confidence, creativity and sheer nerve to outsmart the people around them and do things their own way.

Rudi Anggono, creative director; Fabio Abram/Braulio Kuwabara, co-chief creative officers; Carl Nilsson, director of photography; Nicolas Larrouquere, editor; Philippe Mineur/Fabrice Pouvreau, sound designers; \ELSE, sound production; Jeff Low, director; Aurélie Bruneau, producer; Guillaume Faurel, agency producer; Charlotte Lepot, executive producer; Mélanie Bernard/Romain Gingembre, Home Digital Pictures, post-production producers; TBWA\G1/TBWA\London/TBWA\Paris, ad agencies; Nissan, Client.