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Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion

Environmental Graphics, Consumer

San Francisco-based Macchiatto worked with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy to redevelop the visitor experience at the Golden Gate Bridge. The most extensive improvement was the development of the Bridge Pavilion, a 3,500-square-foot facility that weaves interpretive information with retail products for a new paradigm in visitor centers. Products with unique interpretive value (as opposed to shot glasses and sweatshirts) are for sale alongside historic artifacts and information; the result is a more dynamic environment, where visitors bring home a bit of history. The project included architectural programming and design of the entire interior including interpretive displays/graphics, retail fixtures, lighting and A/V design and exterior signage.

Michelle Regenbogen, senior designer; Jeremy Regenbogen, creative director; Mariko Reed, photographer; Cinnabar, fabricator; Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District/Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, clients.