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Grant Elevators ads

Print Ads, Business

This print campaign promoting Grant Elevators’ commercial range is the first of its kind for the company. Traditionally, Grant has been best known for its residential products, and the company needed a campaign that spoke directly to architects, builders and potential commercial clients. With this in mind, Australian branding agency Block developed a series of ads that focus on Grant’s commercial elevator range and problem-solving capabilities.

Block enlisted world-renowned Spanish illustrators Serial Cut to give an architectural treatment to the words “tricky,” “stylish” and “individual,” concepts that are relevant to most architectural briefs. Serial Cut created a series of unique 3D environments, a striking way of communicating Grant Elevators’ ability to manage difficult designs and scenarios to an audience of architects and builders.

Nathan Teoh, art director; Melita Masters, writer; Mark Braddock, creative director; Serial Cut, illustrator; Block Branding (Perth, Australia), ad agency; Grant Elevators, client.