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H.O.M.E. Magazine illustration

Illustration, Entertainment

Gerhard Amann, artistic director of Germany's H.O.M.E. magazine, wanted to create a story on iconic design furniture, with a twist—instead of photographs, he envisioned illustrations. Amann assigned the project to illustrator Nadine “LULU*” Schemmann and gave her total artistic freedom in her approach to rendering classic pieces like George Nelson's “marshmallow sofa.”

Amann’s vision was to integrate the furniture into modern living spaces, and LULU*’s task was to create 25 different environments, each with a distinctive style. She composed the illustrations so the rooms look open, understandable as both interior and outdoor scenes, and gave each space personality by including people, plants, cats and other suggestions of domestic life.

Gerhard Amann, art director/creative director; Nadine (LULU*) Schemmann, illustrator; Alexander Geringer, publisher; Ahead Media GmbH (Vienna, Austria), client.