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Handlebar identity

Identity, Consumer

In summer 2012, this bicycle-themed bar opened in Toronto’s famously eccentric Kensington Market. Using a philosophy of adaptation and alteration and an eclectic mix of old and new, local creative agency Open created an identity and an an experience that resonates. The logo uses a simple sans serif font with added custom elements; it’s a playful language of authentic Victorian imagery overlaid with a half-tone pattern to create a modern feel.

Communication pieces reinforce Handlebar’s spirit by referring to the history of bicycle culture of Toronto. From bathroom signage and a direct marketing card (placed in the spokes of bicycles in Toronto’s downtown core) to a special draft lager (The Handlebrew) and the bar’s signature shot (The Tandem, which comes on its very own coaster built for two) it’s an experience uniquely Toronto.

Jessica Carter, art director; Claire deMarco/Kate Thorneloe, writers; Martin Beauvais, creative director; Christian Mathieu, strategy; Anne Ngo, project lead; Rachel Conduit/Bruce Dawson, Handlebar, clients.

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