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Handsome Cycle Co.

Identity, Consumer

Handsome Cycle Co. was opening its first retail space, located in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis, and the proprietors were looking for a new concept that truly reflected the Handsome lifestyle. KNOCK designed and assembled every part of a customized shopping experience—from the front door to the checkout counter, including digital projections of video and animation and bike customization tables—to be as Handsome as could be. The result? A most Handsome shop, which quickly became a hotspot for a Minneapolis cycling crowd that had been eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Marina Groh, art director; Dan Armstrong, writer; Joe Anderson/Meenal Patel, design directors; Todd Paulson, creative director; Dave Curry, motion graphic designer; Dallas Curry, photographer/video director; Alicia Reece, animation; Bryan Pieper, interactive designer; KNOCK, ad agency (Minneapolis, MN); Handsome Cycle Co., client.