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As It Happens ads for the Los Angeles Times

Out-of-Home Ads, Consumer

When the Los Angeles Times launched its new mobile app and website, it evolved from a newspaper into a modern digital news media platform. To mark this important shift and promote the site launch, Pereira & O’Dell New York asked a series of questions: How do we define our rapidly moving world in terms of news coverage, and how does the Los Angeles Times bring this coverage to its readers in a unique way? And how could the agency capture and define this unique role?

The result of hashing out these questions was the As It Happens campaign. It focuses on the Los Angeles Times’s up-to-the-minute coverage, informing its readers of the world’s changes as they are taking place. To create the campaign, Pereira & O’Dell delved into the diverse and vibrant communities of Los Angeles, making sure to touch on subjects and issues—both big and small—that affect readers. All the photos used in the campaign were shot by Los Angeles Times photographers.

Rajiv Lahens, art director; Jake Dubs, writer; Dave Arnold, creative director; Pereira & O'Dell (New York, NY), ad agency; LA Times, client.