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His and Hers spot for Xbox

TV/Radio Commercials, Entertainment

Which half of this young couple is the gaming-obsessed zombie-killer, the man or the woman? In most commercials, it would be the guy, but this spot by CP+B is a reminder that Xbox One was designed to be part of everyone’s lives at home, not just the stereotypical male gamer. “His and Hers” makes the point by showing off Xbox One’s instant recognition and personalization features. The woman comes home from work and, upon her command, her Xbox presents her with all her favorite entertainment choices. Much to her boyfriend’s surprise, annihilating a slew of zombies in Dead Rising 3 is at the top of her list.

Adam Chasnow/Alex Lea/Avital Pinchevsky/Michael Raso/Rob Reilly, creative directors; Matt Elhardt, design director; Scott Henrikson, director of photography; Tim Bird/Matt Trivan, Flame artists; Frank Effron, editor; John Jenkins/Doug Scott, assistant editors; Cut + Run, editorial company; Koki Saito/Joel Simon, music composers; JSM Music, music company; Patrick Navarre/Loren Silber/Lime Studios, audio mixers; Bryan Buckley, director; Phil Crowe, visual effects supervisor; Adam Scott, colorist; The Mill, Telecine colorist/post-production company; Brady Vant Hull, line producer; Amburr Farls/Abbie Noon/Jamie Slade, producers; Chip Herter, music producer; Jo Arghiris/Chad Hopenwasser/Aaron Kovan/Bill Meadows/Anastasia Von Rahl, executive producers; Hungry Man, production company; CP+B (Boulder, CO), ad agency; Microsoft, client.