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Hogle Zoo posters

Posters, Entertainment

Utah’s Hogle Zoo was installing a major new permanent exhibit—a great thing for visitors, but during construction, the zoo faced the likely possibility of a decline in traffic. Fortunately, they had an extremely kid-friendly temporary exhibit to promote: life-sized animals made entirely from LEGO bricks, built by LEGO Certified Professional Sean Kinney. Richter7, based in Salt Lake City, has a longstanding relationship with the zoo, and so took up the task of promoting the temporary exhibit to keep guests coming to the zoo during construction. In addition to these posters, the campaign included television and radio spots, guerrilla installations and interactive banner ads, all designed to communicate the very simple message that LEGO animals are at the zoo. The charming ads brought plenty of visitors to the zoo while a new exhibit (of non-plastic animals) is taking shape.

Mark Bangerter, art director; Gary Sume, writer/creative director; Dave Newbold, executive creative director; Jeremy Wold, photographer; Richter7 (Salt Lake City, UT), ad agency; Hogle Zoo, client.