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Hollywood & Vines film

Online Ads, Entertainment

Airbnb is a pioneer of social innovation, creating new ways for people to travel, explore and share resources by connecting online. Hollywood & Vines is a first-of-its-kind short film directed via Twitter and shot entirely on Vine. Airbnb itself is never mentioned, and yet the film uniquely captures the principles that make the company special. MullenSF worked with award-winning screenwriter Ben York Jones and acclaimed director Miles Jay on the storyline: the transformative journey of a simple piece of paper. Submissions came in from all over the world, from Kansas to Kuwait and everywhere in between. In the end, MullenSF used over 100 videos to create a film that embodies the Airbnb mission and tells a touching story of travel, adventure, and finding your place in the world.

Brooke Doner/Ryan Montgomery, art directors; EB Davis III/Jamie Rome/Ben York Jones, writers; Stephen Goldblatt/Jon Ruby, creative directors; Mark Wenneker, chief creative officer; Dustin Johnson/Hoon Oh, technology strategists; Christian Madden, technology director; Miles Jay, director; Zach Rubin, project director; Charley Perkins, interactive producer; Liz Shook, senior integrated producer; Steve Raggiani, project manager; Liza Near, executive director of production; B-Reel LA, production company; MullenSF (San Francisco, CA), ad agency; Airbnb, client.