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HSBC Bank flagship branch environmental graphics

Environmental Graphics, Consumer

Hong Kong-based Marc & Chantal Design was commissioned last year by HSBC, while its marketing team was working with architecture company DCM Studios, to work on the interior revamping of their flagship branch in Mongkok Hong Kong. Aiming at a more open and friendly environment, the interior scheme includes a long, curvy and bright red snake-like counter with no glass partition between the teller and the customer. Similarly, a series of meeting booths were designed in cylindrical shape instead of the more traditional box layout. Significant wall and partition space was reserved for graphics—a prominent feature in the renovated space.

The scope was to conceptualize HSBC’s chosen theme of “flowers” and create a flexible environmental graphic system with application on three floors of the building. Using flowers to illustrate the bank’s mission statement and commitment towards their customers seemed, at first, a rather difficult task. In order to avoid an overly feminine interpretation, the design team tweaked the theme towards field grass and wild flowers. To integrate the visuals in the new interiors, they chose a high contrast close-up photography treatment in black and white with red highlights. Pods of seeds convey nurturing solutions, blooming poppies the realization of potential, and floating dandelion seeds going the distance to innovate; combined with strands of plain grass, these plants form a panoramic landscape that illustrate the brand's corporate message.

Chantal Rechaussat/Sukie Tsang/Louis Yick, design team.

[photo credit: © C.K. Wong]