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Huis Clos restaurant identity

Identity, Entertainment

Huis Clos is a new bar and restaurant in the Villeray neighborhood of Montréal, Canada. Advertising agency CARTEBLANCHE designed the identity for the new venture, and wanted to ensure that it found a harmonious home in the neighborhood. So before starting the creative process, the agency launched an online platform to gather feedback from future neighbors and patrons. It was this feedback that drove CARTEBLANCHE to explore the historical concept of a neighborhood bar. Huis Clos translates as “behind closed doors,” and the restaurant’s logo consists of a rectangle, representing a door, centered within another rectangle whose sides are open, a design that presents Huis Clos as a well-kept secret for Villeray’s residents that is also welcoming to outside visitors. The tables (fabricated by silkscreen studio CINQUNQUATRE) suggest memories of good times spent with friends.

Christian Jomphe/Taïla Khampo, art directors; Sylvain Raymond, creative director; Johann Smith, executive creative director; Élodie Flavenot/Camille Valentin, design; CINQUNQUATRE, contributing artist; Chloé Ricour, project manager; CARTEBLANCHE (Montréal, Canada), ad agency; La Firme, design firm.