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IdeaPaint brand and packaging

Packaging, Consumer

The concept of IdeaPaint was hatched in 2002 when a few college buddies were brainstorming on a business project. The more ideas they had, the less room they had to write them. Frustrated, the conversation turned away from the assignment to the problem at hand, and the idea was born. IdeaPaint is a single-coat, roller-applied paint that turns virtually any paintable surface into a dry-erase surface. Branded by Jones (Chicago, Illinois), the packaging was designed to mimic the elegant simplicity of the product itself: lots of white space, bold graphic elements and a pain-free instruction manual. IdeaPaint is brilliant and obvious at the same time and the honest simplicity and look sets it apart from the usual paint product category. Response to it has been incredible: Everyone from the design to the business community has picked up on the subtle brand cues and written and blogged about the product.

Kelly Hardwick, writer; Kim Knoll, designer; Dan Madole, creative director; Scott Maney, executive creative director;