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IFC rebranding

Identity, Entertainment

IFC is a comedy network with an expansive library of movies and sharp original series like Portlandia and Comedy Bang! Bang! The network occupies a unique niche in the comedy spectrum and draws a loyal audience on- and off-air. The network wanted to make a clear break from the brand's legacy as the staid Independent Film Channel and raise awareness about its expanded and lighthearted slate. Design firm Gretel made a thorough brand audit and met with each IFC department, from marketing to programming. Each team gave a clear sense of what felt like IFC and what didn't. The firm's next challenge was codifying that nebulous IFC-ness into brand tenets, guidelines and language. Thinking of IFC as a venue became a through-line: billing talent, promoting the acts, curating the movie selection and being careful never to steal the spotlight from the headliners. This core idea informed all aspects of the design, from the logo to the end-page layouts and the typography. Honing the 'Slightly Off' brand voice led IFC to rethink its language on the network as a whole.

Julia Price Baron, writer; Dylan Mulvaney, designer; Ryan Moore, creative director; Greg Hahn, executive creative director; Robert Lopuski/Roberto Serrini/Jonathan Vitagliano, editors; Andrew Brown/Adam Grabowski/Danny Kamhaji/Chase Massingil/Tonya Smay, animators; Huma-Huma, sound design; Dina Chang/Ryan McLaughlin, producers; Gretel (New York, NY), design firm; IFC, client.