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iHeart Radio media wall installation

Digital Displays, Entertainment

At the new iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles, you can see a great show, and also see that show integrated with live tweets and photography on a media wall installation by art and technology studio Sosolimited and branded content company The Department of The Fourth Dimension. The dynamic wall juxtaposes live feeds of the show with the real-time social media conversation surrounding the event. “iHeartRadio wanted a display system that could literally do everything: Be a billboard at night, behave interactively during shows, handle any kind of media, and remain visually perfect in every instance,” says Sosolimited co-founder Justin Manor. “We created the technical infrastructure that could handle any kind of input media they could throw at it.” Streams of video, images and text weave together in a constantly changing display that is a one-of-a-kind way to experience a live concert.

Matt Checkowski, creative director; Eric Gunther/John Rothenberg, Sosolimited, co-chief creative officers; Peggy Oei, designer; Sam Kronick/Lauren McCarthy/Alex Olivier/Matt Papi/ David Wicks/Seth Thompson, Sosolimited, programmers; Ken Pelletier, animator; Jeanie villa Lobos, production coordinator; Justin Manor, Sosolimited/Tim Fischer, producers; Sosolimited, interactive production; The Department of The Fourth Dimension (The D4D) (Los Angeles, California), design firm; iHeartRadio, client.