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Global Footprint Network annual report

Annual Reports, Business

Under pressure to grow Gross Domestic Product each year, nations continue to overuse and sell-off limited natural resources to increase economic expansion. As populations grow and the earth’s resources are constrained, the effects can become disastrous. Global Footprint Network is a think-tank and team of “ecological accountants“ measuring human pressure on the planet; its findings are used to inform policy decisions in an effort to demand less of the earth, protect its assets and live within the means of one planet. For the second year, San Francisco’s Bob Dinetz Design presents the organization’s startling data. Countries that integrate the organization’s results and its tools into their economic policy have a much better chance of succeeding in a world of limited resources.

Bob Dintez, art director/designer; Bob Dintez/Scott Mattoon, writers; Roberto Bertero/Bonita Cooke/Bob Dinetz/Matt Eich/Albert González Farran, UNAMID/Efthymios Rafail Gourgouris/Lynn Johnson/Stanislav Komogorov/Kris Krug/John Lee/Steve Ogle/Justin Stumberg/Pedro Ugarte, photographers.

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