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Ivan Picelj monograph

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Ivan Picelj was one of the major figures in Croatian arts during the second half of the twentieth century and was a world-renowned author. As a painter, graphic artist and sculptor, his trademark was geometric abstraction, but he was also a prominent graphic designer, one of the pioneers of modernist design in Croatia. This monograph was written by two highly reputable experts on Picelj’s work: Slavica Markovic, head of the graphic department at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (which published the book), and Snjezana Pintaric, head of the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Zagreb. The book brings Picelj’s complete collection of graphic print works together for the first time. Zagreb-based Sensus Design Factory invested a great deal of time and the effort in faithfully reproducing the work, which is particularly important to understanding Picelj, who used vastly different printing techniques to express his ideas. The book is meticulously set in Helvetica, Picelj’s trademark typeface. Sensus played with details such as the repetition of Picelj’s name as a form of logotype, placed in exactly the same position throughout the book, as well as setting the titles in typographic compositions and cutting and folding the pages.

Nedjeljko Spoljar, art director; Slavica Markovic/Snjezana Pintaric, writers; Nedjeljko Spoljar/Kristina Spoljar, designers; Slavica Markovic, editor; Sensus Design Factory (Zagreb, Croatia), design firm; Kabinet grafike HAZU, client.

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