Jack Daniel’s spot Exhibit

Jack Daniel’s spot

Arnold Worldwide spends a day with the people, culture and traditions of Lynchburg, Tennessee.

It’s true that Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is a product of ingredients and process. But it’s also a product of Lynchburg, Tennessee, Lynchburg’s culture, and the time-honored traditions that have created and preserved Lynchburg for 150 years. And now, Jack Daniel’s is honoring the culture and people of its hometown.

From Lynchburg’s fifth generation residents to a man who can lift a 526-pound barrel of whiskey to a woman named Hiawatha Kitty McGee, Jack Daniel’s 60-second anthem “Our Town,” created by Boston-based ad agency Arnold Worldwide, brings the people of Lynchburg to the world.

Every person in the ad is an actual resident of Lynchburg, and the spot was scripted on the day it was shot, upon interviewing those who showed up for the shoot. This on-the-fly storytelling approach allowed the agency to shoot not only this piece, but also seven other individual fifteen-second stories that took shape in the field after Arnold’s team spent some time with these residents.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a day: in a Tennessee field in July with no shade, but with plenty of rich Lynchburg heritage to keep everyone entertained.




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