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JBL in-theater promotional video

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

"Last summer, Doner executive producer, Laurie Irwin, and executive creative director, Murray White, came to Psyop with a project they were developing for JBL. They wanted viewers to vividly experience a natural phenomenon and witness the birth of Mother Nature as embodied within a single JBL speaker. Even though we were going for a photoreal look, our need to communicate the destruction as a real narrative had to be artful and carefully finessed chaos," said creative director Anh Vu. Creative director Eben Mears added, "We had to manage some issues that arose when Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, but had a wonderful and dedicated IT team by our side that kept everything running smoothly throughout this project. The response has been really humbling—we wanted our stimulating visuals to handshake with the encompassing experience of JBL's sound and we are thrilled that the spot has been so well received."

Murray White, art director/executive creative director; Rachel Sokolewicz/Murray White, writers; Eben Mears, Psyop/Anh Vu, Psyop, creative directors; Rob Strasberg, chief creative officer; Naomi Chen/Lauren Indovina/Eunice Kim/James O’Briant/Anh Vu, designers; Dan Gregoras, Psyop, technology director; Chris Meek/Ryan Moran/Anthony Travieso/Dan Vislocky, animators; Steve Boeddeker, sound designer; Skywalker Sound, sound production; Ave Carrillo, Psyop/Erik Gullstrand, Psyop, producers; Lydia Holness, Psyop, executive producer; Psyop (New York, NY), production company; Doner, ad agency; JBL, client.