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Jetlag teaser video

Online Ads, Self-Promotion

TBWA\365 recently launched this interactive module to promote the iBook version of Jetlag, by TBWA Worldwide chairman Jean-Marie Dru. The video takes place on a plane, in a seat next to the author where he shares reflections drawn from 40 years in communications. The agency worked with developers from Dailymotion to design a new type of video player that enables users to control the film with a keyboard; each letter provides an illustrated story taken from one of the chapters. Also built into the player is the ability to buy the book with a single click into iTunes.

Antonin Collard/Hélène Chataigner/Jean-Michel falligan-Devergne/Sylvain Theyssens/Romain Brisson/Victor Hav/Marianne Fonferrier, art directors; Till Aurousseau/Guillaume Lartigue, concept; Philippe Simonet/Nathalie Huni/Franck Botbol/Hugues Cholez, creative directors; Thomas Ogier, Dailymotion, developer; Christophe Courty, Dailymotion/Mourad Salih, Dailymotion/Pierre Biet, Dailymotion, motion designers; David Locard, Dailymotion/Valentin Gault, Dailymotion/Younes Chekouh, Dailymotion, 3-D designers; Nicolas Descottes, photographer; Benoit Cappiello/Emilie Prud'homme, project managers.