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Kaleidoscope flower stamps

Illustration, Consumer

Kapitza, a design company based in London, run by sisters Nicole and Petra Kapitza, was commissioned by art director Antonio Alcalá from Studio A, to create a unique flower for an upcoming USPS flower stamp collection. He approached Kapitza after seeing their work, in particular their new font release Roto, a picture font of 52 distinct flower illustrations inspired by exploring rotating shapes and clusters. The resulting flower stamp collection depicts a contemporary flower drawing in four different color combinations: red and blue, green and purple, orange and violet, or pink and green. The color combinations create the illusion that patterns recede or come forward, giving the stamps a dramatic visual appeal. The lines and curves of the drawing are reminiscent of a kaleidoscope flower—familiar, yet at the same time utterly distinctive.

Antonio Alcalá, Studio A, art director; Petra Kapitza, Kapitza/Nicole Kapitza, Kapitza (London, United Kingdom), design firm; United States Postal Service, client.