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Knudson brand campaign

Print Ads, Business

Knudson makes machines that roll-form metal into gutters, studs and roofing panels. Sexy, right? Thanks to well-made machines and an innovative approach, the company has always enjoyed a solid reputation; however, from a marketing standpoint, it had been quiet for so many years that people had begun to wonder if the manufacturer had fallen on hard times. With this print campaign, Denver, Colorado-based Cactus, restated Knudson’s status as a major player. Consisting of simple vignettes that tell it like it is, copy that speaks the language of the audience and stories about how Knudson machines can be relied upon to last, the ads embody Knudson's leadership and toughness in tone and design and cut through the clutter

Jeff Strahl, art director; Brian Watson, writer; Norm Shearer, creative director; John Johnston, photographer; Mark Tanner, digital artist.