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The Kraken Rum motion graphics

Motion Graphics, Consumer

The Kraken is a mythical sea creature that terrifies even the saltiest pirates. Blur Studios created a :30 commercial for The Kraken Rum entirely in CG, bringing the beast to life with a dark, inky, liquid motion graphic. The spot, directed by Blur’s Tim Miller, features a violent Kraken attack, and the creature’s design was based on the eyeballs and tentacles of a real octopus, so its movements have a photorealistic look. The result is dark and mysterious, yet still sensual and inviting. Blur spent two and a half months creating the :30 spot and a :15 version, working with ad agency Dead As We Know It. “Blur was not just the right company to pull off this piece, but the inspiration,” said said Mikal Reich, executive creative director of Dead As We Know It. “Their skills and artistry allowed us to create something that was dark and horrific, while at the same time luxurious and sexy.”

Mikal Reich, executive creative director; Jesse Adelman/Charmaine Choi/Andrew Kay/Ella Wilson, co-chief creative officers; Leopard Snow, illustrator; Brendan Abel/Jeffrey Beeland/Mike Hendricks, software engineers; Jeremy Donahue/Paul Huang/Matt Newell/Duane Powell/Perry Randall, programming production; Isaac Fernandez/Jason Hendricks/Bryan Hillestad/Nick Whitmire, animators; Cyrus McWilliams, animation; Jerome Denjean, computer generated imagery; Franck Balson, editor; Tim Miller, director; Mathieu Aerni/Steven Alley/Brian Alvarez/Alessandro Baldasseroni/Matthew Benson/Simon Blanc/Darren Butler/Justin Callanan/Zack Cork/Don de Castro/Tyler Fox/Daniel Garcia/Chris Grim/Jennifer Hendrich/Wayne Hollingsworth/Enoch Ihde/Colin James/Jinho Jang/Matt Jones/Jon Jordan/Alex Litchinko/Luis Lopez/Dyllan Lu/James Marcus/Lennon Montejo/Jeremie Passerin/Matt Radford/Brandon Riza/Jesse Sandifer/Jace Trimmer/Peter Wildman/Brent Wiley/Brandon Young, visual effects artists; Kirby Miller, visual effects supervisor; Jessie King, production coordinator; Tiffany Webber, producer; Kirsten Larson, agency producer; Al Shier, executive producer; Blur Studio (Culver City, CA), production company; Dead As We Know It, ad agency; Proximo Spirits, client.