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Footlocker :60 “Kyrie in the Air” TV spot

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

Longest. Slam Dunk. Ever. Cutting Room, NY editor Chuck Willis along with director Jim Jenkins capture what really goes through the mind of a basketball superstar during a slow motion dunk in Footlocker’s new :60 "Kyrie in the Air" made by BBDO New York. Part of the brand's "Foot Locker Approved" campaign, the spot features Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving, last year’s NBA Rookie of the Year, taking off for what is sure to be an amazing slam dunk—until he's stopped, in mid-air, for what ends up being the longest basketball play ever.

Jason Stefanik, art director; Alex Taylor, writer; Jason Stefanik/Alex Taylor, associate creative directors; Chris Beresford-Hill/Dan Lucey, creative directors; David Lubars, chief creative officer; Jeff Cutter, director of photography; Colin Stackpole, Flame artist; Chuck Willis, editor; Mike Ramirez, assistant editor; Cutting Room, editorial company/sound production; Duotone Audio Group, music; Jun Mizumachi, sound design; Walter Bianco, audio mixer; Jim Jenkins, director; Justin Barnes/Peter Charles, visual effects artists; Nicholas Dziekonski, producer; Melissa Chester, music producer; Ralph Laucella/Melissa Lubin, executive producers; Anthony Curti, executive agency producer; O Positive Productions, production company; Light of Day, visual effects company; BBDO New York, ad agency; Foot Locker, client.