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La Térmica identity and environmental graphics

Identity, Business

Multidisciplinary design firm Erretres was chosen to create a clear, direct and unifying identity for La Térmica, the new epicenter of contemporary creation in Málaga, Spain. "Keeping in mind the idea of respecting the building's architectural identity, the basic element of the brand is the hexagonal pattern drawn by the floor tiles of the building, which serves as a guide and unifies the space," explains the Madrid-based creative team. "The chosen color is Pantone Warm Red, which refers to the name of the building (Thermal), and the warm weather enjoyed by the city. Thus, the red hexagon is the basic symbol of the brand. The secondary identity element is a pattern that comes from the fragmentation and repetition of the sides of the hexagon, keeping the same angles, resulting in a marked pattern."

Pablo Rubio, creative director; Daniel Barrios, art director; Pablo Suárez, art director; Luis Novero, designer. La Fábrica/Diputación Provincial de Málaga, client.