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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver show opener

Motion Graphics, Entertainment

The new HBO comedy series “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” presents a satirical look at the week in news, politics and current events through a mix of topical commentary, pre-taped segments and interviews. Strategic design agency Trollbäck + Company created the show open and graphics package, which required coming up with a visual language that conveys the show’s tone and format while differentiating its brand from other series. The agency worked closely with HBO, the showrunners and Oliver himself to capture Oliver’s unique and understated style of humor and wit. The team settled on the idea of building a “catalog of curiosities” with dry, tongue-in-cheek iconography that represents a balance of current events and pop-culture references, all identified by faux Latin labels. The concept is modular, so the visuals can easily be swapped to reference hot-button issues, topical news or trending ideas. It’s also visually dense, so audiences will discover new icons each week, keeping the show open fresh over repeated viewings.

Kelli Miller, art director/creative director; Jakob Trollbäck, chief creative officer; Koda Ko, designer; Ben Nichols/Mike Schaeffer, design; Paris Glickman/Ben Nichols/Mike Schaeffer, animators; “Go” Theme By Valley Lodge, music; Doug Olsen, sound designer; Joe Perota, Partially Important Productions, director; Smoke + Mirrors, colorist; Diane Fitzgerald, Partially Important Productions, line producer; Susan Yee Hubbard/Liz Stanton, Partially Important Productions, producers; Tim Carvell, Partially Important Productions/John Oliver, Partially Important Productions/Elyse Roth/James Taylor, Partially Important Productions/Jon Thoday, Partially Important Productions, executive producers; Erica Schrager, executive director of production; Trollbäck + Company (New York, NY), production company; HBO, client.