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Le Grand Bellevue Hotel identity

Identity, Entertainment

Le Grand Bellevue is an established and much-loved hotel in Gstaad, Switzerland, that was recently purchased by a pair of adventurous new owners (he a hotelier, she an interior designer). The team is creating refurbished, design-with-attitude interiors, while maintaining the hotel’s historical appeal and tradition of impeccable service. London design consultancy Construct created an identity, promotional literature, guest collateral and a new website that support the brave new approach to the hotel’s brand by embracing highly contrasting aesthetics. “We love a client with a bold vision,” says Construct founder Georgia Fendley, “and in this case, the interior design and brand ethos of the hotel are striking in their difference and strength of personality.” Construct combined the hotel’s trademark focus on quality with a light, humorous touch. On menus, brochures, pencils and the hotel’s website, Construct created tribal graphic patterns in black and white, using modern pixelation to create an Art Deco effect that evokes both past and present. Accents in warm burnt orange—a printed border, handles on a bag, the rubber tops on pencils—gives the brand an unexpected energy that contrasts with the refined, restrained typographic treatment of the logotype. In keeping with Construct’s goal of balancing the hotel’s contemporary sophistication with a reflection of what Fendley calls its “timeless chic, warmth and generosity of spirit,” the designers created a cowbell-themed logo mark, inspired by the rustic local habit of hanging up the cows’ bells as they come in for the night.

Construct (London, United Kingdom), design firm; Le Grand Bellevue, client.