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Like a Girl video

TV/Radio Commercials, Public Service

When a child on the playground yells, "You run like a girl," it's another way of saying you're weak or a loser. But people say it all the time, without realizing it's a confidence crusher for girls, especially during puberty. Always has launched a global campaign designed to change "like a girl" from a negative to a positive. This short video, "Like a Girl," by documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield, shows that if you do things "like a girl," it means you're strong and talented.

Nick Bygraves/Hmi Hmi Gibbs, art directors; Angel Capobianco/A.J. Hassan, writers; Milos Obradovic/Becky Swanson, creative directors; Judy John, chief creative director; Kathryn Hempel, Cutters, editor; Lauren Greenfield, Chelsea Films, video director; Adine Becker, agency producer; David Moore/Veronica Puc, executive producers; Leo Burnett Chicago and Toronto/Holler/London, ad agencies; Procter & Gamble, client.