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Lincoln: Love is the Answer

Online Ads, Consumer

Hudson Rouge New York and the Lincoln Motor Company collaborated with singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc to launch a groundbreaking interactive online video for his new single, “Love is the Answer.” The video, which went live during the 56th annual Grammy Awards, gave the show a run for its money with a high-tech, choose-your-own-adventure spin on a traditional music video. Viewers can switch between multiple perspectives, following four unique storylines that eventually converge in a performance of the song. The interactive player was developed by Interlude to facilitate the leap between different perspectives, and the video was created using steadicams and spatially recorded sound so that each first-person view is realistic and immersive. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that the entire production was planned and executed in just a month.

Brian Hall, art director; Ryan O'Keefe, writer; Jason Koxvold, creative director; Jon Pearce, chief creative officer; Mattias Montero, director of photography; Sunset Edit, editor; Aloe Blacc, music; Play, music company; Barking Owl, sound design; Radical Friend, director; Jonathan Doyle, producer; Jess Dierauer, music producer; Sherri Levy, integrated producer; LEGS Media, production company; Shipping + Handling, post-production company; Hudson Rouge (New York, NY), ad agency; Lincoln Motor Company, client.