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Live in Levi's

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

To bring the Levi's brand back to the center of culture, this TV spot boasts a mainstream appeal while still keeping its iconic edge. Levi's is a broadly inclusive brand that attracts old and young, male and female, hip and not so hip. The goal was to be welcoming and inspiring at the same time. The ad proclaims, "You don't just wear Levi's—you truly live in them." It celebrates memorable life moments, both big and small, that everyone experiences in a pair of Levi's.

Ben Radatz, MK12, creative director; Adam Nowak/Julie Scelzo, group creative directors; Eric Springer, chief creative officer; Adam Petrofsky, Rock Paper Scissors, editor; Editorial Rock Paper Scissors, editorial company; Abbey Hickman, Walker Music/Sara Matarazzo, Walker Music, music; Music Walker Music, music company; Roman Vasyanov, MJZ, director; Line Postmyr, MJZ, line producer; Teddy Dibble, MK12/Shelley Eisner/Kate Leahy, MJZ/Shada Shariatzadeh, Rock Paper Scissors, producers; Angela Dorian, Rock Paper Scissors/CL Weaver, Rock Paper Scissors, executive producers; TV Production MJZ/Graphics MK12, production companies; FCB West/The House Worldwide, ad agencies; Levi's, client.