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“Look Good Being Bad” spot

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

Loren Stewart makes jewelry for the Hollywood bad-girl set, with clients such as Lindsay Lohan and Chelsea Handler sporting the designs. San Francisco-based Union Made Creative decided to embrace the naughty image with this spot, one of a series of commercials starring notorious comedienne Natasha Leggero. She breezes through a series of unsavory behaviors, never looking anything less than fabulous, and shows the bad girls of the world that you can always look elegant, even when you’re up to no good.

Lydia White, art director; Zack Browne/Whitney Ruef, writers; Keith Cartwright, chief creative officer; Pablo Berron, director of photography; Morgan Bradley, editor; Beast Editorial, editorial company; Brigg Bloomquist, director; Tyler Roth, colorist; Diliana Deltcheva/J Virdone, line producers; Charity Bustamante, producer; Frameworks/Go Film, production companies; Method, visual effects company; Co3, post-production company; Union Made Creative (San Francisco, CA), ad agency; Loren Stewart Jewelry, client.