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Lookout identity and outdoor ads

Identity, Consumer

Lookout is the world leader in mobile security, offering protection from threats like malware, phishing, privacy violations and data loss. They’ve even got your back if you lose your phone. As important as that is, it’s all pretty technical, and Lookout needed clear, appealing language and visuals to describe the company in preparation for a period of rapid expansion. Seattle-based Turnstyle Studio created a simple, entertaining brand platform that focuses on Lookout’s primary points of difference: an intense focus on the mobile platform and a refusal to participate in the fear-mongering approach of their PC-based security competitors. Floods of green give customers the “go” signal, while simple typography and a confident, affirming voice make it clear that Lookout has a vastly different approach to security.

Joe Moore, writer; Ben Graham/Supisa Wattanasansanee, designers; Ben Graham, creative director; Turnstyle (Seattle, WA), design firm; Lookout Mobile Security, client.