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Los Angeles International Airport installation

Environmental Graphics, Public Service

The next time you travel, try to schedule a long layover at the new Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport. You’ll be treated to an immersive multimedia exhibition on a truly grand scale. Seven giant installations display over four hours of original video content created by Moment Factory of Montréal, with interactive features that respond to passengers’ movements and real-time flight information. The Time Tower, a 72-foot virtual clock tower built around the terminal’s main elevator, is the largest interactive feature in the world. Together, the installations output over 105 million pixels—that’s more than eight times the size of an IMAX theater.

Such a vast undertaking could only be done through collaboration. Sardi Design and MRA International designed the features, Fentress Architects designed the terminal and Smart Monkeys Inc. designed and engineered the system, with additional system engineering by Electrosonic. As the executive content producer, Moment Factory worked with producer Digital Kitchen and sent film crews to three continents. The team filmed dancers, actors and even parrots, using the latest in high-resolution imaging, 3-D effects and motion-sensing interactive technology. And yet the goal of all this is decidedly low-tech: Los Angeles World Airports initiated the project to bring back the romance and magic of travel; to remind us of a time when flying was exotic, no matter where you went.

Moment Factory (Montréal, Canada), creative direction/design firm; Los Angeles World Airport, client.