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Lower Manhattan Cultural Council branding

Identity, Public Service

The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council supports artists and connects them with their communities using $500,000 in grants. Much loved, but often behind-the-scenes, this philanthropic arts organization recently launched an emblematic rebranding, including strategic messaging, a dynamic logo system, communication materials and a website. The main logo includes LMCC's three branded, colored shapes, featuring Pantone's recently developed neon color palette. These quirky contours represent the map markings left by spaces like courtyards, alleyways and lots in Lower Manhattan, where much of LMCC's place-based art happens. Each shape and color represents LMCC's three mission-based categories—recognition, programs and initiatives. The combination of these three shapes forms a distinctive mark for the organization.

Dejana Pupovac, designer; Christine Sullivan, creative director; Early-adopter, interactive developer; CSTUDIODESIGN NYC (New York, NY), design firm; Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, client.