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Lucky 21 identity

Identity, Entertainment

When Dallas film production company Lucky 21 opened an office in Los Angeles, it needed a new identity to stand out in a notoriously competitive market. The company already had a spirited character—full of humor and passion—and pushed the boundaries of filmmaking. Blok Design harnessed that energy to create something true to the brand that would also stay strong over time. The identity balances Lucky 21's off-kilter intensity with contemporary boldness. Pop art-inspired patterns and strong, bright colors are juxtaposed against white and grey. A palette of adjectives and idioms captures the company's values while allowing the brand's mischievous voice to shine.

Marta Cutler, writer; Kevin Boothe/Vanessa Eckstein/Emily Tu, designers; Marta Cutler/Vanessa Eckstein, creative directors; Blok Design (Toronto, Canada), design firm; Lucky 21, client.