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Main Titles film

Motion Graphics, Entertainment

A highlight of every OFFF digital culture festival is a “main titles” film introducing the festival’s speakers. For the 2013 OFFF Festival in Barcelona, Rotterdam-based design and film studio From Form created the main title sequence in collaboration with Dutch creative agency Part of Something. The film is a peek into the cabinet of curiosities of a fictional explorer named Mr. Emilton. The mysterious room is filled with exotic objects and animals Emilton collected during his world travels, and the names of OFFF 2013’s speakers—46 in all—are displayed within these rarities.

From Form wanted to suggest a resemblance between the explorers of the nineteenth century and today’s creatives. Just as explorers were literally discovering the world, creative people rediscover the world by looking at things differently and using their imagination.

Ashley Govers, Jurjen Versteeg, Wouter Keijzer, writers/video directors/project creators; Wouter Keijzer, editor; Jan-Maarten Nachtegeller, illustrator; Caspari de Geus/Nick Smith, contributing artists; Jurjen Versteeg, digital imaging; Ben Lukas Boysen/Cordula Grolle, music; Ben Lukas Boysen, sound designer; Jochen Mader, Audionerve, sound engineer; From Form/Part of Something, producers; From Form (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), design firm; OFFF Barcelona, client.