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Make party promotion

Out-of-Home Ads, Self-Promotion

“Why are you in advertising?” asks Matt Ingwalson, creative director at Karsh Hagan in Denver, Colorado. “For us,” he says, “it is the joy of making things. Real, physical things that make the world better, cooler, more beautiful.” When Karsh Hagan hosted the Denver Ad Club’s monthly party, they made the entire event a huge celebration of those who make. Invitations were hand-cut out of metal and plywood, and posters were individually painted on plywood slabs. A graffiti artist was on hand at the event to teach people to paint. “The party took on a life of its own,” says Ingwalson, “and pretty soon artwork was hung up all over our agency. It was a special night.”

Camille King/Nick Marranzino, art directors; Karen Morris, writer; Matt Ingwalson, creative director; Andrew Baker, interactive designer; Karen Heydman, project manager; Karsh Hagan (Denver, CO), ad agency.