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Manatawny Still Works identity

Identity, Consumer

Pennsylvania’s Manatawny Creek takes its name from the Lenape Indian word Man'en'tau'wata'wik, meaning “the place we meet to drink.” The area is now home to Manatawny Still Works, a state-of-the-art distiller of high-quality, small-batch spirits made right on the same banks where the Lenape once drank. The identity designed by Phoenixville, Pennsylvania-based Virtual Farm Creative is informed by the spirit-making waters of the creek and blends distressed treatments with current typography. The pioneer spirit of the early Northeast influenced everything about Manatawny’s new identity. A small library of retro-style support elements in a variety of shapes provide alternative approaches to the identity. “Imparting a rich history and a rustic, time-tested personality to a brand new enterprise is always an enjoyable challenge,” says Virtual Farm art director Darren Price.

Darren Price, art director/designer; Todd Palmer, writer/creative director; Virtual Farm Creative, Inc. (Phoenixville, PA), ad agency; Manatawny Still Works, client.

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