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Marty’s Waffles food truck design

Out-of-Home Ads, Entertainment

Marty’s Waffles is a new mobile food business that sells artisanal Belgian sugar waffles. Marty’s needed a distinctive, recognizable look for its food truck, which acts as a billboard, brand identity, retail environment and point of sale all in one. The approach taken by Kentucky-based design studio Originalia was more experience design than identity application, and the creative strategy was to announce the new company with strong design features visible from near and far: a palette of intense, appetizing color; a stylized monogram and name treatment using nostalgic, slab serif typography that suggests a waffle pattern; and playful images that pay homage to the owner’s Belgian ancestors. People waiting next to or driving alongside the truck wave, take pictures, and even shoot videos out of their sunroofs.

Julie Mader-Meersman, designer; Originalia (Alexandria, KY), design firm; Marty’s Waffles, client. ...