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Mastic Tears packaging

Packaging, Consumer

Mastic Tears is a liqueur made by distilling the resin drops, or “tears,” of the mastic tree, Pistacia lentiscus. It is a unique product that’s relatively unknown outside mastic-producing regions like the Greek island of Chios. Greek design studio Dolphins Communications was asked to introduce Mastic Tears to a wide audience, not only commercial outlets but also cafés, bars and restaurants. The package design was inspired by the elaborate black-and-white geometric patterns on the building façades of Chios and is produced by silkscreening the glass bottles. The appealing package won over Dolphins’ target audience, and will soon be available at duty-free stores as well.

Vasilis Papadopoulos, art director; Hara Nika, designer; Thanasis Tsaboukas, creative director; Dolphins Communication Design (Thessaloniki, Greece), design firm; Greek Distillation Company (E.V.A.), client.