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Meritage typeface

Typography, Business

The Meritage typeface came about as the result of designer Stephen Miggas’s attempts at lettering using a round metal nib. The final product is a blend of the various outcomes and plenty of happy accidents, most notably the highlight feature, which is reminiscent of a stray brush hair. The effect occurred naturally a couple of times, and after many attempts to replicate it organically, Miggas reproduced it digitally across the entire character set. Meritage is a script face in which separate characters have natural crossbars that automatically substitute as ligatures in OpenType. The crossbar ligature extends to glyphs following the uppercase A (Aff, Aft, Att, etc.) as well as double lowercase glyphs (ff, ft, tt, etc.). OpenType users also benefit from alternate lowercase characters, case-sensitive quotes and ‘smart’ apostrophes. Meritage also includes optional old-style numerals and a few clip-on swash elements accessible by keyboard or a supporting application’s glyph menu, and Meritage Pro extends the character set to support Eastern European and Baltic languages.

Stephen Miggas, Aerotype (Asheville, NC), designer.