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Microsoft Infinity Room

Digital Displays, Consumer

Microsoft asked creative agency Roundhouse to show the potential and beauty of big data in a single experience that resonated with both the general public and attendees of the Microsoft Accelerate Your Insights event in San Francisco. Roundhouse responded not simply by visualizing the limitless landscape of information that is big data but by actually immersing visitors within it. The Microsoft Infinity Room was an installation that combined cutting-edge LED screens with custom mirrors on every surface. Roundhouse designers teamed up with world-renown data journalist Simon Rogers and visionary technology studio Universal Everything to create an installation that gave a physical presence to the potential of big data—a new way to express the way software like Microsoft’s Power BI for Office 365 can take ordinary data and turn it into extraordinary insights. In just three days, more than one thousand people visited the Infinity Room. Hundreds of trippy selfies flooded Instagram and the #insightsawait hashtag was used over 2500 times.

Kyle Everett, art director; Andrew McMurchie/Simon Rogers, writers; Joe Sundby, Executive Creative Director; Tod Visdal, project director; Lauren Lindstrom, producer; Matthew Moss, executive producer; Axiom, production company; Spitball, visual effects company; Universal Everything, digital effects company; Roundhouse (Portland, OR), ad agency; Microsoft, client.