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Milli interactive children’s stories

Apps, Entertainment

Milli is a very small and very curious young snail who lives far away in a magical place called Apple-Tree Hill. Thanks to her endless curiosity and ingenuity, Milli finds a way to help every creature she meets be the best at being who they are. Milli—Very little, big adventures on Apple Tree Hill is a series of interactive stories and games for children from three to six years old created for Android tablets and iPads. Picture books are a child’s first introduction to the visual arts, and the Milli app is designed to be revisited over and over again. All the illustrations were created with tools that kids know well, like potato stamps, cut paper and watercolors. The creators of the app intend to expand Milli’s world to printed books and a television series.

Sean Coleman, writer; Jana Schell, illustrator; Maria Grau-Stenzel, producer; Honig Studios GmbH (Berlin, Germany), production company. ...