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Milwaukee Veteran’s Day Parade posters

Posters, Public Service

Creative director Tom Dixon faced a thorny challenge with this poster series for the Milwaukee Veteran’s Day parade. He needed to make people feel compelled to attend the parade without trying to guilt them into it, all the while navigating the difficult politics of war. It’s a design challenge that Dixon is happy to take on. “I’ve been honored to work on this effort for several years now, in various media,” he says. In past years, Dixon’s studio has created parade promotions that stress the idea that you can be anti-war and still support American soldiers. This year, they maintained the focus on honoring the individual soldiers by showing families in which many generations have served.

Peter Bell, art director; Tom Dixon, writer/creative director; Jay Filter, photographer; Tom Dixon Creative (Pewaukee, WI), ad agency; Honor Our Military, Inc., client.