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MindFull Teen counseling spot

Motion Graphics, Public Service

MindFull is a free online teen counseling service based in the United Kingdom. M&C Saatchi chose to create an animated spot to promote MindFull’s Let it Out campaign to take advantage of the medium’s inherent visual impact, and passed the creative reins to directors Shay Hamias and Will Barras from animation production house th1ng. Barras and Hamias worked alongside designer Yui Hamagashira from th1ng’s Film Club and generated a fluid mix of different designs, all created by hand in various styles and techniques. “The creative process was very organic; we shotgunned a whole load of visuals at the agency to see what stuck,” says Barras. “Then, through a mix-and-match process, we began to put together the sequence to create the film. The piece was created using traditional animation drawing techniques mixed with live action and hand-inked artwork.”

Joe Miller, art director; Orlando Warner, associate creative director; Yui Hamagashira, illustrator; Will Barras/Shay Hamias, directors; Dominic Buttimore/Milana Karaica, producers; Bruce McKelvie, agency music producer; th1ng (London, United Kingdom), production company; M&C Saatchi, ad agency; MindFull, client.