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Miss Mary's Morning Elixir identity

Identity, Consumer

Miss Mary’s Morning Elixir is a premium Bloody Mary mix with a sexy vintage pinup look designed by Brandon Van Liere. The illustrated brand has a handmade feel that captures the product’s uniqueness and small-scale production, and has a personality that’s naughty and a little coy, as if the bottle holds secrets to be discovered. Van Liere created a comprehensive brand identity, from the label to the in-store merchandising, business cards, posters, packaging and website. The mix was an instant hit, and a second flavor will be released this fall.

Scott Dahl/Chris Wareham, writers; Brandon Van Liere (Woodbury, MN), designer/creative director/design firm; Dave Markley, Periscope, photographer; Joel Herrera, illustrator; Cory Etzkorn, interactive developer; Miss Mary’s Mix Inc., client. ...