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Missing Kids stamps

Out-of-Home Ads, Public Service

The faces of missing children have appeared on milk cartons, flyers and online ads—anywhere people might see them in the course of their daily routine—but they have never before been pictured on stamps. This project by Toronto-based agency Lowe Roche put missing children’s faces on Canadian postage stamps and created a website where users can select, customize and purchase stamps that honor individual children who have gone missing. To demonstrate the power of the stamps, Lowe Roche installed an outdoor poster covered in 1,000 real, usable Missing Kids stamps. As people took stamps from the poster, the face of a missing child was revealed. The campaign was a simple visual manifestation of the poster’s tagline: The more we use Missing Kids stamps, the easier it is to spot a child.

Jordan Gabriel, writer; Gail Pak, associate creative director; Mark Mason/Jane Murray, creative directors; Shannon Farrell/Beth Mackinnon, producers; Liam Brown/Jonathan Daly, strategy; Lowe Roche (Toronto, Canada), ad agency.