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Misteur Valaire album design

Packaging, Entertainment

Canadian design team Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel created this stark, surreal cover art and album design for Montreal electro-jazz band Misteur Valaire’s album Bellevue. “The cover and a lot of the images were shot on location in the cold winter of Québec's countryside,” says Duhamel, “so basically we hope you like snow.” But the concept is not all snow and ice—some of the photographs were shot during summertime in Montréal, and the warmer imagery is used on the cover of “Bellevue Avenue,” Misteur Valaire’s EP from the album.

Eve Duhamel, art director; Olivier Charland, designer; Julien Vallée, creative director; Gabriel Brault Tardif/Faye Duhamel/Jimmi Francoeur/Julie Langenegger Lachance, photographers; Bloc-D/Moika Sabourin/Philippe Savard, 3-D designers; Vallée Duhamel (Montréal, Québec, Canada), design firm; Misteur Valaire, client.